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Ever since the invention of pallet rack, storing goods in the warehouses have become easier. The purpose was to store more goods in one space and thus racking system took its successful turn. You need to store the pallets for you shipping purposes, but when you have a small space in your warehouse, it becomes very difficult to accommodate these pallets inside the warehouse. Now you can install some pallet racks in your warehouse and industrial areas, to store the pallets perfectly and through this system, you can reduce the damage cost of your pallets and you can save your space.

Finding About Different Types of Pallet Racking System

  • Cantilever Racking: The special point of this system is that it has long arms and a complete metal framework, which makes it easier to store bulky and long items like timber, plastic pipes and steel rods. To make access easier it has no front column. These racks are rust resistant and you can use these racks for a longer time.
  • Selective Racking: The special features are that it can be accessed directly and can be configured very easily. The load beams are perfect to help in supporting the complete structure.
  • Push Back Racking: This pallet racking system is ideal for those warehouses where product density is huge and need to store fast and relieve faster. The system has a structure of roll form where the last in is going to set out first.
  • Drive-in Racking: This is another racking system of rotational structure. This amplifies better usage of warehouse spaces where fewer aisles are used for storing goods of huge amount.
  • Pallet Flow Racking: It is commonly known as gravity flow racking where the first in goods are set out first. Loads are stored from upper level slowly coming down at its end. Due to its automatic flow of racks the rotations are also automatic. You can easily load heavy goods in these racks, and you can shift the pallets through the conveyor systems. It is more convenient and you do not need to appoint many labors to do this job.
  • Carton Flow Racking: It resembles in few places with Pallet flow racking with first loads in to set out first. The unique feature of automatic product rotation makes the whole process of storing very user-friendly.

Using Advantageous Pallet Accessories
Buying a pallet racking system isn’t the end of it. Every warehouse has its own needs and this is when accessories come to rescue them from disadvantageous pallet feature. There are certain amounts of accessories to install with it to increase safety measures:

  • Punch Dock
  • Mesh Deck
  • Safe Working Load Sign
  • Pallet Support Bar
  • Fork Entry Bar
  • Mesh Binning etc.

Safety Issues and Handling Them
Some of the common damages concern columns, horizontal & diagonal strut, footplate, anchor, decking, beam, damage done after overloading, leaning frames, missing parts etc.

  • The damaged pallets should be identified and repaired and if necessary replaced before some devastating situation occur. Documenting all those steps taken to solve this matter and expected procedures are recorded by the people responsible for this section.
  • In situations when reconfigurations or alterations are required, same cautions should be paid as any first-time installment.
  • In case of visible damages, that pallet racking system should be unloaded immediately. They should remain empty until those damaged parts are repaired or replaced properly.

The popularity increased after Second World War and now there is not a single warehouse without this system. Even retail stores, manufacturing houses and similar places are using this system for better goods storing density.


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