5 Amazing Ideas for Modern and Small Granny Flats

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You have some spare space in your property and want to make the most of it? Then, granny flats can emerge to be the ultimate solution. These versatile flats are best for those who need:

  • Home extension, as the existing space in the house is not enough
  • An additional source of income by allocating the flats for rent
  • Require a private living space that is completely detached from the present dwelling

No matter what the requirements are, modern and small granny flats can be a highly functional space with kitchen, living and bathroom area.

But, when homeowners aspire to have these flats in their property then they are often confused about which design would be appropriate for them. The demand for granny flats has led to an evolution of styles and designs, with more and more people looking for unique layouts that would transform the aura of their property. This article explains some of the finest designs for modern and small granny flats, helping you choose the ultimate one.

Different Modern and Small Granny Flat Designs

As stated earlier, there are five spectacular design ideas:

  1. Landscape Beauty: Most of the people are often concerned about having granny flats, especially when they already have a landscape. This is because they believe that the addition of a flat might affect the aesthetics of their landscape. Fortunately, the reality is far from that. Having these flats amidst the landscape is an amazing idea in itself. With this, you not only get a good space at a beautiful spot but at the same time come you will be closer to the greenery around you.
    Remember: When having the flats around the landscape, do consult a professional designer to know more about the various parameters that should be taken into consideration and how the final outcome would be.
  2. Minimalistic Splash: There are times when homeowners want to do minimal with the modern and small granny flats. This is where the minimalistic designs can come to the rescue. These designs are based on the concept of utility and consume less space as compared to the average flats. The emphasis here is given to the utilitarian value of the flats and thus opting for this design is ideal if you are planning to rent it.
  3. Country Cottage: Want to grab the best of modernity in classic granny flats, well combine contemporary country cottage designs and notice the impact it can create on modern and small granny flats. This style is more about living in a free space, around trees and flowers that bloom to their fullest and uplift the essence of the space. The main element of this design is the veranda space that can be used to simply gaze at the wide blue skies or relax as sunlight touches the ground.
  4. Step up Granny Flats: When you want to add an interesting element to the modern and small granny flats, then you can opt for a step-up design. In this design, you get the resemblance of a different residence in the same property, while the stairs can be used to provide a sense of separation. Therefore, if you want to have the granny flats because your family has expanded then you must consider similar designs that would keep the residents comfortable.
  5. Abstract Architectural: When it comes to modern and small granny flats, one can seldom forget the abstract architectural designs that make the flats a work of art. These designs understand elegance and amalgamate exceptionally with the surrounding area.

Therefore, when you have decided for a granny flat at your property never forget to consider these five unique and amazing designs.

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