5 Styles of Homes

If you’re planning on building a home, the next thing that you need to consider is the design of your house. What kind of look would you like to achieve? What era in architecture would you like to draw inspiration from?

Listed here are 5 styles of homes that you might want to consider:

1. Heritage- Older homes built 60 years or more ago are often called heritage homes. Usual characteristics of heritage homes include high ceilings, wide mouldings, original wood floors, stucco exteriors, stone walls, old windows full of character, traditional garden with cottage plantings and hedges.

2. Coastal- Is your land near the coast or would you want to have a home that reflects like you’re near the beach all year round? Then a coastal home design is probably for you.
Common characteristics of coastal homes include: open plan home designs that focus on the available space and the flexibility to use it for different occasions. Sufficient window glazing allows you to look at the views and at the same time keep you cool from the outside heat. Windows with blinds and shutters can protect you from the sun when they’re down and allow you to enjoy the sea breeze when the blinds are up.

Another popular characteristic of beach homes is the use of drift woods and timber or any cladding material that has some sort of wood finishing. Also consider an outdoor area that will allow you to entertain friends during summer time, an outdoor shower and enough storage space for your beach equipment.

3. Contemporary- Contemporary homes focus on clean lines and use of natural materials. Contemporary homes usually have geometric shapes and asymmetric features. It usually includes open spaces and lots of lights, wide windows and artistic roofing. Wood, stucco, brick and stones are common materials used to create contemporary home designs. Many contemporary homes combine practicality with beauty. Kitchens usually have an industrial feel with most materials being used are made from granite, marble and stainless steel.

4. Modern – There are 5 distinct characteristics of modern homes. One, it is simple in function and form. Two, it uses materials to capture personality, visual interest and texture. Three, it has uncomplicated wall finishes and cladding. Four, it lacks decorations and five, it has open, clean light filled spaces.

5. Country- Country homes are charming and quaint. If you’re planning to go for this style, you should consider the following:

  • Abundance of wood – tip: always invest in quality wood. If hard wood is too expensive for your budget, talk to your contractor about using less expensive but no less impressive wood materials and finishes that you can use for your house.
  • Colour palette – use warm and natural colours on your interior walls for that homey, country feel.
  • Decors – country homes usually use rustic and antique furniture pieces. And lots of flowers and plants. Wood panelling are also very popular with country homes.
  • Well ventilated interiors – so you won’t need air-condition units and to provide the authenticity of that country home feel.
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