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Platinum Homes now specialises in Adaptive Living for existing and new homes.

There should be easy access to ALL of it…
not just a room.

It should be a place of independence and freedom.

We’ll show you the simple way to make a home what it should be … no matter what the circumstances.

There ARE options.

We can deliver.

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We can look at residential and commercial properties and we can look at your individual needs.

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Who is Adaptive Living for?

Everyone, whether you’re a mum or dad with a growing family, an elderly couple or have a short term or long term disability. A new home can be adapted to you are you require changes, the works already done during the build process, this allows you to stay in your home as long as you like.

Elderly, disabled and couples with families should be living in a home that has been designed to suit their life and circumstances… rather than adapting to the home they find themselves in.

Benefits of Adaptive Living

Families with young children

  • Easier when maneuvering prams

  • Removing trip hazards

Providing disabled with

  • Mobility

  • Safety

  • Accessibility

  • Space

Ageing baby boomers

  • Accommodating future needs

  • Understanding pressing concerns

Enhancements can include

  • Paths

  • Wider areas

  • Fixtures

  • Flooring

  • Bathrooms and toilet areas

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Choose a Builder that Understands Adapting Living

 Find yourself a builder that has a passion for helping those who have been compromising their lifestyle, to cope with the home they find themselves in.  A builder that is involved with the disabled or elderly in a non-business sense… or is dealing with the same issues, you find yourself dealing with.

Platinum Homes is the Best Choice!

The people at Platinum Homes has involved themselves (and been involved with) the disabled and elderly in their personal lives and have worked to design homes that improve their lives.

We’re not just builders who decided that we could make a dollar from building homes. We’re in business to look after people. We just happen to do that by building their homes in a way that makes the process enjoyable. We’ve worked hard to ensure that we’re a whole lot more than your usual building company.

We’ve become students of the Building Industry and of business… and we’ve adopted proven systems which we’ve improved to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises. None. No deadline over-runs. No unexpected cost blowouts. No confusion. We’ve put the right people in place; joined the right Industry bodies; and made a commitment to building a business that endures

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Resources 100%

We have what we need to take on anything from small conversions to large developments ranging from $5k to $2m.

Communication 100%

It is absolutely key to a stressless build. Not just for you. We don’t
need the stress and neither do you.

Flexible Arrangements & Time Frames 100%

We’re working for you and we won’t forget it. This whole process is about getting you what you want or need.

Guaranteed Warranty Period 100%

We DO come back and work with you to fix any issues within the maintenance period.

Scope of the Project 100%

We can handle residential and commercial building projects with confidence.

Management 100%

To us, building isn’t about driving a nail or ordering a sink, it’s about managing a project in a way that ensures a successful outcome. Every duck in it’s row.

Business Ownership 100%

We are a Tasmanian-owned business. We make our money here, and we spend our money here. And you can always find us when you need us. We live where you live.

Competitive Pricing 100%

We want you to be happy with the result. We want you to tell your friends what a pleasant experience building has been. And we want to build your next house. We need to make money, but we’re not here to fleece you.

Qualified and Professional Builders 100%

We do not use contractors for any building works. We employ people we know and trust to protect our reputation and ensure that the process runs smoothly

Passion 100%

It is our joy, hope, dream and mission to help the Tasmanian community.

Here are Your Options

We’re here to help, and we do that by building houses in a way that reduces the stress to you and for us.  We’ll respect your choices and adjust to your preference.

They can stay put and modify

The upside:

  • Clients get to stay in the home they love.

The downside:

  • There will be disruptions. Bathrooms and kitchen facilities will be unavailable for a period while alterations are made. Access may be difficult or impossible. Alternative accommodation or other arrangements may need to be made for this period.
  • There will be a cost for alteration of course that will need to be considered.

Sell and rebuild

The upside:

  • Clients stay in their own home until their new home is ready.
  • Depending on the value of their current home and the equity held, they may well be able to sell for more than the cost of a rebuild.
  • Transition time is reduced to the time it takes to drive from the old home to the new.
  • The chance to start again… no compromises.

The downside: –

  • They’ll leave some memories behind.

Circumstances change. Stairs, steps, door widths, bathroom spaces and kitchens become a challenge that mean you have some decisions to make.

Call Bruce to Discuss

Specialised Housing Solutions

As the years move on, many of us expect to have to adapt a little, sometimes a lot, to maintain lifestyle. We can show your clients how to adapt surroundings rather than make personal sacrifices.

Modifying your existing home

  • Talk to us about your options and pricing.

  • We’ll have the plans drawn up and priced.

  • Modifications will take around 3 to 8 weeks depending on the extent of work required and we will do everything possible to minimise disruption to your life. Finding alternative accommodation for a few weeks will save time and money.
  • You get your life back

Building new with no current home to sell

  • Talk to us about your options and pricing.
  • Select a plan option and engage Platinum Homes – we can arrange Finance and you won’t make any payments until we hand over the keys
  • Build will take approximately 4 months not including relevant approvals from authorities
  • We hand over the keys
  • You get your life back.

Modifying your existing home

  • Wider doorways to allow easy access to EVERY room… and to prevent damage from wheelchairs, prams and other equipment.
  • No steps or stairs.
  • Bathrooms with room to park and rails for stability
  • Lifts when required.
  • Modified kitchens to allow easy access to cupboard spaces and bench tops
  • Support Rails
  • Future Infrastructure, like lifting devices for example, installed to allow for all possible developments.
  • You get your life back

One step at a time. Deciding to sell… and build new

  • Select at least two real estate agents or a registered valuer to value your current home
  • Talk to us about your options and pricing. Then, if you decide to continue after comparing costs with your equity…
  • Select a real estate agent to sell your current home
  • Select a plan option and engage Platinum Homes – we can arrange Finance and you won’t make any payments until we hand over the keys – conditions apply of course
  • Build will take approximately 4 months – not including relevant approvals from authorities
  • We hand over the keys
  • You get your life back

Circumstances change. Stairs, steps, door widths, bathroom spaces and kitchens become a challenge that mean you have some decisions to make.

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Our Adaptive Living Plans

Dimensions, photographs, and sketches are approximate only and may include optional features.  Check with your builder for standard inclusions.

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Livable Housing Australia

We are here to assist Australians to design and certify their current or future home for a lifetime of living.

Livable Housing Australia (LHA) is a partnership between community and consumer groups, government and industry. LHA champions the mainstream adoption of livable housing design principles in all new homes built in Australia. LHA arose from the Kirribilli Dialogue on Universal Housing Design, which established nationally agreed guidelines on designing and building livable homes.

The Livable Housing Guidelines which have been developed by industry and the community provide assurance that a home is easier to access, navigate and live in, as well more cost effective to adapt when life’s circumstances change.

  • Families with young children
    benefit from Livable Homes that make it easier to manoeuvre prams and strollers and remove trip hazards for toddlers. Moving furniture into and around a Livable Home is easy with wider doors and corridors.

  • People who sustain a temporary injury
    benefit from Livable Homes due to the easy to operate door handles and the step free pathway to all key areas of the home

  • Ageing baby boomers
    who are looking to move or renovate their existing homes will benefit from Livable Homes. As their physical abilities change with age, this growing segment of the Australian property market will appreciate the simple changes to design that make their lives easier and safer. Visiting children and grand children will also be safer in their Livable Home.

  • People with a disability and their families
    will benefit from Livable Homes that enable them to take advantage of better housing choices and gives them the opportunity to visit the homes of friends and relatives.

Click the image to download SLLHA Guidelines 

Our Promise

We’re not going to promise that we build a better home. We can, but let’s face it, with the level or regulation, insurance and warranties, you’ll get a home that will last.

It’s not about technical expertise, (though our people are as good as they get) it’s about how you deal with people that makes a build the kind of experience it should be.

What we won’t do probably says more about us than the things we do. We won’t just get the job done, then wash our hands and move on. It has to be done right and we stay involved until you’re happy that we delivered what we promised. We won’t go to ground when something doesn’t go to plan. We have systems in place to ensure the communication lines are always open.  When something changes, we’ll let you know.

We won’t surprise you with our charges, we’ll tell you what you’re up for before we start, and we’ll let you know if we encounter something unexpected, before it costs money. We won’t charge you every time you call us. If you’re confused or need information, we haven’t done our job well enough.

We’re here to help! We won’t ever make excuses. We will give reasons… we will take responsibility … and we will put things right.

We won’t charge you to visit your site and discuss your project. We don’t start charging until we know what we’re doing and you know what you’ll be charged for. We won’t employ contractors who might let you (and us) down. Every staff member is employed by us.

Arrange a meeting, and talk to our team now!  Please call Bruce 0400 904 873

What We Want You To Do

We have selected your organisation because we want to work with you. We’ve done our homework. We know enough about your organisation to believe that we’d probably be a fit that together we would produce the outcomes that we’re both looking for. At this point, all we want is a call to arrange a meeting to discuss all your needs and what we can deliver.

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Our Partners

It’s our honor to partner with HÄFELE, an international company based in Germany, which has been helping people in different parts of the world in making their dream homes a reality. Their fittings, hardware and systems can help you improve the way your home suit your needs, and supply you with essential resources for Adaptive Living. Please visit their website to know more about their business and products.  Click to DOWNLOAD HÄFELE Kitchen for Adaptive Living Brochure