Types And Reasons To Choose Laminate Flooring Over Others

Most people wonder how to choose the ideal living room floor and often end up making the wrong decision due to ignorance as well as abstaining from taking help of the expert. Ideally, a floor must be strong and functional enough to handle every facet of your family life including sitting on a couch, [...]

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Fool the Eye: Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger and Brighter

Living in a confined moody space can make us feel depressed, helpless and trapped. Unfortunately, sizing up is not that easy and we have to make peace with micro-houses, or do we? While we cannot use tricks to increase the square footage of our homes, we can turn to smart hacks that can help us [...]

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5 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose home is the fairest of them all? Apart from being a handy addition to your bathroom while applying makeup and brushing teeth, mirrors have yet another function in your home. As a decorative accessory a well-placed mirror should not be underestimated. Not only do they enhance light and [...]

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Make Cheap Furniture Look Expensive

Let’s be honest here: we would all like to live in fancy homes with swanky furniture, high-end tech, and suave accessories. Alas, all that glitters is seldom affordable, and even a partial home makeover centered on lavish gear can leave you with a queasy feeling that you are wasting your hard-earned coins on mere [...]

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Protecting Your Metal Outdoor Furniture from Rusting

Some people may frown at the idea of using metal furnishings for the patio – but then again, some people will frown whatever the idea may be. Elegant and durable, furniture made from metal can be used outdoors to an impressive visual effect – and with proper maintenance, metal will also last longer than [...]

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