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Electrical emergencies and outages are not related with bad and inclement weather conditions only as it can even happen on a bright and sunny day when you least expect it. Emergencies usually happen without any warnings leaving you with no chance to prepare for such situations beforehand. Such situations are often become serious and you will need to hire an emergency electrician at the earliest.

When power goes down you may think that it is a general fault of the power supply and it will be restored in a couple of minutes. However, this may be true at times but if the problem lies in your house itself you might have to wait for several hours.

Checks to Make
Electrical situations can turn deadly if there is a burning smell at your place or you notice a smoking outlet. These are signs of potentially dangerous electrical fire. This may cause a life-threatening situation and severe damage to properties. At that time, you will definitely need an emergency electrician to save the day.

However, in case of a power cut you must run a few checks before calling the emergency electrician. You must first check with your neighborhood if they have power cut too or is it just your house. If your neighbor is having a power outage, then it is a concern of the utility provider. In such cases, you must call the city utility company.

If the electrical issues are in your home only you may check the circuit breaker in your house. Otherwise, you must call and emergency electrician.

Dire Situations Calling for Emergency Service
There are a few dire electrical situations that will call for an emergency electrician. Emergency calls are in the rise during the winter seasons when cold winds blow from the north. This is because the cold winds, snow or icefall can create disturbance or damage electricity posts and wires.

There may be a few electrical repairs and conditions that are more dangerous than others. Therefore, you must know the right time to call for an emergency electrician. If you follow the guidelines and consider a few things it will be easier for you to decide. The factors and checks to make include:

  • Exposed wires – If you notice an exposed wire any time, this is an alarming situation as exposed wires can cause electrocution and fire as well.
  • Electrical wires in water – This is perhaps the most dangerous situation that will warrant for an emergency electrician immediately. It can cause electrocution to any object and person coming in contact with the water.
  • A smoking socket – This corroborates the saying ‘where there is a smoke there is a fire’ and needs immediate attention.

High Priority Situations
Electrical faults may be there in any appliances There are several other reasons as well:

  • The air conditioners running all day long can cause faults
  • Flooding caused by tropical storms can cause electrical short-circuit
  • Old electrical wiring and outlets can also lead to serious issues

The following events need your attention:

  • If lights start to dim when you switch on an appliance every time it can be an issue of improper power supply
  • Circuit breakers tripping frequently may need an immediate upgrade of the electric panel as well.

Any electrical issue is a high priority situation as it carries double threat of fire as well as electrocution. Irrespective of the season, such situations may arise any time of the year when you will need an emergency electrician to have these issues properly resolved. For better safety you always need to call a professional inspect your home in such turmoil. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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